Sunday, March 6, 2011

Swim Update

Jazz has been swimming at the Cozy Inn for about six weeks now. While she's still not the smoothest swimmer on the planet, she has improved a lot and is getting a great workout.

Here's a video of part of Jazz's latest swim session. She has now learned to go into the pool via one set of stairs and swim to the other set of stairs to get out of the pool, and then trot on over for another round! She does this circuit for about 20 minutes.

Today, Tess also joined us for her very first swim. Although she is much more reluctant to get in the pool, once she's in, Tess is a much smoother swimmer. We were really pleased with Tess' first effort at swimming.
As usual, Jeremiah and Michele at the Cozy Inn were fantastic. They have helped Jazz make so much progress and have been a big part of our Road Trial conditioning during the awful winter weather.