Monday, September 30, 2013

Pair of New Titles

I'm a little behind in posting this, but Jazz and Indy both earned their Rally Level 3 titles at the B&D Creekside Activity Center APDT/WCR Rally trial on September 22!  Both Dals will also receive an Award of Excellence for earning their title with scores of 190 and above.

We're off to Keystone Canine's Rally trial next weekend, so we'll hopefully have more good news to report!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Riding for a Good Cause

Today, a group from Babcock Stables-Richland did a Ride-A-Thon to benefit the program at Riding for the Handicapped of Western PA.

This is the Rocky's eye view as we get tacked up and ready to ride.

Here's the group we rode with, from left, Jim riding Mouse, Glenda riding Punkin, Lori riding Teddy, me riding Rocky, Tara riding Reba, and Dee-Dee riding Tequila.

As you can see, we had a spectacular day for a ride.  We all enjoyed ourselves and raised a little bit of money for a great program that allows children with various disabilities to ride horses.  Doesn't get any better than that!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Today, five Dals from the Greater Pittsburgh Dalmatian Club took and passed their Temperament Tests!  It was great to see such a nice showing of Dalmatians at the test, and we're very proud of the Dals who earned their TT:

From the left is Chris and Ryder, Barb and Indy's Daddy Maks, me and Indy, and Twister, Susan, and Ripley.

The Temperament Test evaluates the dog's behavior towards strangers, reaction to auditory stimuli, reaction to visual stimuli, reaction to tactile stimuli, and their reaction to a "weird" stranger who starts out non-threatening and then escalates to threatening and then aggressive.

All these Dals did a great job on the test and we're very proud of the representation of GPDC and Dalmatians as a breed during this test!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Indy Turns 2!!

We celebrated Indy's 2nd birthday today.  Of course, he doesn't know what an infamous day he was born on, but at least he gives us a reason to smile on an otherwise sad day in history.

Here's Indy with his fall-colored birthday cake.

This is the only picture of Indy eating his cake.  It was gone too quickly to snap another photo!

Indy got a little help from Tess and Jazz in opening his birthday gifts.  They are much more experienced with these things.

Indy knows there's something fun in here somewhere!

All three dogs try out Indy's new stuffed bunny.  Amazingly, it is still in one piece!

I can't begin to tell you how much we enjoy this little guy.  He has his Daddy Maks' sweetness and he's smart and eager to please.  He loves everyone he meets and he makes friends wherever he goes.  Although it was never our plan to have three Dals, I can't imagine our lives without Indy.  The girls think he's the best toy we ever bought them...and Jim and I have a lot of fun with him, too!  We wish him many more happy birthdays.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Good Dogs...Good Cause!

Our friends from the UPMC Passavant Cancer Center invited us to join their team, the Passavant Teal Titans, in the Walk to Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer this morning in North Park.

Here's Indy and Jazz in front of a teal balloon ribbon, the symbol for those battling ovarian cancer.

Before and after the walk, Jazz and Indy dispensed a good bit of pet therapy to those in attendance, from children to college students to ovarian cancer survivors.

Indy and Jazz at the start of the walk.

Almost there!

At the finish line with Blaze and Sammie.

The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition's Pittsburgh Chapter organized a great event, and they even had a "Canine Corner" with goodies for the dogs and information on the benefits of pet-assisted therapy.  The dogs got toys and treats, and they provided water and a cool-down pool for the dogs after the walk.

Jazz and Indy and I enjoyed the walk this morning with Aunt Mariann, Uncle Jim, Sammie, Blaze, and our friends from the UPMC Passavant Cancer Center, Judy and her Boxer, Rock.  We were proud to be a part of the Passavant Teal Titans and to help raise some funds for this great cause!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Future Cowboys

My great-nephews, Ryan (4) and Logan (3), came to meet Rocky last evening.

Ryan was ready to go from the moment he arrived at the barn and was anxious to get to know Rocky.

First, the boys each took a little ride with me, but Ryan was anxious to ride Rocky all by himself.

At first, Logan wasn't too sure about riding Rocky, but he warmed up to it pretty quickly and took many laps around the arena, both with his brother and by himself.

The boys had a great time riding Rocky in the arena, and when we were finished, they checked out the barn and what they called Rocky's apartment (his stall).  They helped me take Rocky's tack off and turn him out into the pasture, and then they visited with the barn's resident mini goats, Nacho and Salsa --  not a bad day's work for a couple of future cowboys!