Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Title Photos

Just had to post these awesome collages that I got from Cavalier Canvas Company with Indy and Jazz's ARCHX title photos!

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Not to be outdone by her baby brother, Jazz also did very well at the Keystone Canine Training Club Rally trial.  She, too, placed in all her classes and earned her Rally Level 2 Championship and her ARCHX title! 

Even though Jazz doesn't do the paw-up routine when she sits, she's still a cutie!  We always get lots of comments about the "brown" Dalmatian.

The joy of working with Jazz is her awesome focus and attention.  While Indy is busy wooing the crowd, Jazz is focused on her handler!

I just love being in the ring with Jazz.  She's so attentive and eager to please.  She consistently does a great job and I just feel a special connection to her.

Jazz, too, had a nice weekend at AKC Obedience the weekend after the Rally trial.  She was in Wildcard Open Obedience and got first place both days!!  I was really pleased with her heeling and retrieves, and her drop on recall was really nice.  

Many thanks to photographer Jane from Cavalier Canvas Company for the great Rally photos of Jazz and Indy!


Indy had a great weekend at the Keystone Canine Training Club APDT/WCR Rally trial the first weekend of October.

He had very nice scores, with placements in every class.  He earned his Rally Level 2 Championship (RL2X) and also his APDT Rally Champion Excellent (ARCHX) title!

Here's Indy's now-famous new Rally exercise...the moving play bow!  It is supposed to be a moving down, and that butt did eventually go down, but he gets quite a reaction from the crowd when he performs this exercise in true Indy style.

This is another Indy signature move, the paw up on every sit.  It's also a crowd favorite!

And, lest you think Indy goofs off through the whole Rally course, here he is heeling quite normally ;)

Indy followed his successes at APDT/WCR Rally with a nice weekend at AKC Rally and Obedience the following weekend.  He earned his Rally Advanced title and got his first Rally Excellent leg the next day.  He also had a first placement and second placement in Wildcard Novice Obedience.  He did really well for a big, multi-ring trial.  His second day of Wildcard Novice was a true test of his abilities.  He had many distractions to deal with, including our friend's Dal in the next ring doing her dumbbell exercises and a Rally Pairs team in the ring on the other side who were running amok!  I was really proud of him for holding it together through all of that, including his sit and down stays!

Indy's a great working dog and a lot of fun.  He becomes a crowd favorite wherever he goes and lures people in with his boyish charm, both in the ring and out of the ring.  I look forward to continuing his training and trialing with him some more.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Couple More Obedience Photos

Here's a couple photos of Indy's Novice B Obedience run, taken by my friend Mellissa: 

Off-lead heeling exercise.

Stay before the recall.

Gotta love Indy's recall...

...especially when it ends in a nice front!!

I'm waiting for photos from the trial photographer, but we have good news to report from the Keystone Canine Training Club Rally trial this past weekend:  Both Jazz and Indy earned their Rally Level 2 Championship (RL2X) and their APDT Rally Champion Excellent (ARCHX) titles!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Indy's WCOTC Weekend

Just getting around to posting about Indy's Obedience and Rally weekend at Westmoreland County Obedience Training Club.

Indy started his weekend by getting his first leg in Novice Obedience!  He had a really nice run, with only one little bobble when he missed a sit on a halt because he was checking out a stink bug!!  He had a fabulous recall and a nice, solid long sit and down.  I was really proud of how well he did.  The work we've been doing has obviously paid off.

Next, Indy competed in Rally Advanced B and did a great job with a score of 97 and fourth place.  That was his second Rally Advanced leg.  We're hoping to get the third one in mid October.

Since showing multiple dogs in multiple classes during a weekend is too much for my old brain to keep up with, I did one day with Indy and one day with Jazz at this trial.  Unfortunately, Jazz didn't fare as well as Indy.  She was in her first Open A Obedience class on Sunday, but she NQ'd on her heeling exercise.  I'm not sure why, but halfway through the heeling pattern, she got intimidated and just kind of stood there for a while.  Of course, the handler must continue in the heeling pattern and Jazz was not able to catch back up again.  Despite that, she went on to complete all the remaining exercises beautifully!  She had a wonderful drop on recall, which is a weak exercise for her, and she did her retrieving flawlessly.  

As I said, I'm not sure what caused Jazz to be distressed during the heeling pattern, but the rest of her run was good.  Out of 19 dogs in the class, only 2 qualified.  I was happy that Jazz did so well in all but one exercise in Open.  She loves retrieving and I think we're going to have fun in this class in the future.