Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Agility Update

I haven't done a lot of blogging lately, so I thought I'd do a quick agility update on Tess and Jazz.

Tess and Jim had a Perfect Weekend at CPE agility in Washingtonville, OH, this past weekend. The photo above is of the crew who got Perfect Weekends, 8 qualifying runs!! All of Tess' runs were in the Championship class, the highest level of competition, so we're very proud of her accomplishments at this trial.

Jazz has also been running well. She finished her Level 3 Standard at our club's CPE trial two weekends ago and is now running in Level 4 and even a couple classes in Level 5, which means she's offically working on her C-ATCH! She's got some catching up to do (no pun intended), but she's really come a long way and is starting to run more consistently with Jim. With the weather getting a little bit cooler now, we'll get back to our Road Trial conditioning program. We're hoping to do another Road Trial at the end of October.

With the warm summer weather, the girls haven't been doing a whole lot! The Dalmatian Club Fun Day is coming up next weekend and we have a USDAA agility trial in September and then obedience and rally trials in October, so we're going to start gearing up again. In the meantime, Tess and Jazz will continue to be the poster dogs for the "lazy days of summer"!