Monday, September 5, 2011


Well, this introduction has been a long time coming! Meet Corey, my 13-year-old Tennessee Walker gelding. I got Corey back in May, but I never get any good pictures of him since I'm usually riding him! I keep telling myself that I need to get some photos, but it's much more fun to ride than to take pictures!!

Back when I started training Jazz for the Road Trial, I was telling everyone that all I wanted to do was get out of this without owning a horse. Well, that obviously didn't happen! I have enjoyed being around horses so much and found the perfect place in Victory Stables. They have made it very easy for me to have Corey. Because I work full time, train my dogs, and try to have a life left over in between, I don't always get to the barn as often as I'd like. While I'm not there, Corey is well cared for and is used for riding lessons and public trail rides. He was a trail horse in a mountain range before he came to Victory Stables. He's sweet, fun, and reliable...and he's wonderful with the dogs.

Here's Jazz hocking with Corey. These pictures were taken at our Dalmatian Fun Day, which we held at Victory Stables to give everyone a chance to try coaching with their Dals. Corey was many of these dogs' first introduction to a horse. He was wonderfully patient with the dogs and the folks who rode him a bit. He was a great ambassador for Dals and horses that day!!

This is Tess and Jazz coaching with Oscar. Oscar was rescued by Victory Stables, and although they're still putting weight on him and conditioning him, he enjoys getting out and pulling the cart. Oscar was also great with the dogs and seemed to enjoy himself.

I'll try to get some more pictures of my handsome new boy. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying having Corey. We're learning all about natural horsemanship and we enjoy trail rides with the wonderful folks at Victory. I am looking forward to taking Corey to a Road Trial with Jazz in the near future!