Thursday, April 18, 2013

Signs of Spring

We've had a couple of nice days that have given us faith that spring has finally arrived!

Indy and the daffodils

Jazz and the cherry blossoms

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Pair of ARCHs

This weekend, we were treated to a pair of ARCHs!

No, not the Golden Arches of McDonald's...

...and not this famous arch, either!

On Saturday, both Jazz and Indy earned their APDT Rally Champion (ARCH) titles in Latrobe!

Here's Annette, the judge under whom Jazz earned her title, Jazz, me, Indy, and the judge he earned his title under, Traci.  The Dals got beautiful title ribbons and neck ribbons from the trial host, B&D Creekside Activity Center.

In addition, Indy and Jazz also got their APDT Rally Level 1 Championship (RL1X) titles at this trial, earning the two rainbow-colored ribbons that I'm holding in the photo.

So, it was quite a rally weekend for us!  I'm especially proud of Indy, who earned his ARCH at just over 18 months of age.  Jazz added a few more perfect 210 scores to her record, and Indy earned his first perfect score at this trial.  As icing on the cake, our friend Kameron (Border Collie) also earned his ARCH!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Vacation Countdown

One month until our annual Outer Banks beach vacation, and we're counting down the days until we can feel the ocean breezes and the sand between our toes!  Jazz has her sunglasses, flip-flops, and beach ball all ready to go!

Monday, April 1, 2013

No Foolin'

 Every year, we celebrate a very special April Fool's prank...Tess' birthday!  Her Uncle Jim likes to say that Tess was born on April Fool's Day and has been fooling the world ever since!  Tess turned 8 today, but we celebrated with a group of our agility friends on Friday evening at B&D Creekside Activity Center.

Here's Tess as she approaches her birthday cake.

Mmmm, yummy peanut butter carrot cake!

Never one to stand on formality, Tess just digs right into that cake!  She did leave some for all her canine friends to enjoy.

In addition to visiting with friends and running agility, Tess also got to play with Blaze.  It was just a blur of black and white!

Here's a blast from the past...a photo of Tess napping when she was just about three months old in late June of 2005.

We're grateful every day for our little April Fool's girl and look forward to many more years together!