Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Dalmatian

Jazz donned bunny ears today to spread a little Easter cheer at a pet therapy visit.  Folks at the UPMC Passavant Cancer Center just loved her, and there were lots of cell phones snapping pictures of our little bunny.

We always enjoy a day off work during the week when we can make a special pet therapy visit to the Cancer Center.  Jazz, Sammie, and Blaze did a fabulous job today and brought smiles to the faces of patients, staff, and visitors.  I am especially proud of Jazz for wearing those bunny ears for nearly two hours!  She is a very special girl.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

AAA PetBook Cover

Jazz won a photo contest for the 2014 AAA PetBook, which will be published in May.  We had an opportunity to preview the artwork for the book cover and were thrilled with how great it looks.  AAA gave us a beautiful framed print of the cover artwork, along with a nice cash prize, a Best Western gift card, and a Petco gift card for Jazz.

The book is a nationwide listing of pet-friendly hotels, campgrounds, and even restaurants.  It will be available in May at AAA offices and Amazon, and digital versions will be available in the iTunes Store and on and

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday, Tess!

In honor of Tess' birthday today, I'm posting some pics from her first year with us in 2005.  Hard to believe we're celebrating her 9th birthday already!!

Tess all tuckered out on the day she came home in June 2005.

Another sleepy puppy picture!

Tess' first Halloween.  That "devil dog" costume wasn't far from the truth ;)

Tess and her Thanksgiving turkey toy.

For a dog who was bred in Georgia, Tess has always loved the snow.

 Silly Tess playing with a toy.

Tess' first Christmas.

Tess has added a lot to our family over the nine years she's been with us.  She introduced us to the sport of agility and opened a whole new world of fun and friends.  She's helped us raise two puppies (Jazz and Indy) and has managed to maintain her silly demeanor.  Tess is a wonderful, loyal companion, and we hope to celebrate many more birthdays with her!!