Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jazz's Birthday Party

Jazz had her first birthday celebration this afternoon at Misty Pines Dog Park. We were joined by friends and family, human and canine, for this happy event.

We played games with the dogs and enjoyed good food and good company. Friends came from as far as Ohio and New Jersey to attend the party. This is a photo of everyone playing doggie musical chairs.

Jazz was joined on her birthday by two of her liver brothers and her mom. Left to right, it's Jazz, brother Peet, mom Gia, and brother Patrick, who traveled with his family all the way from Cape May, NJ!

Here's Jazz getting ready to enjoy some of her yummy birthday cake.

There are definitely advantages to being the birthday girl, like being the first to have a piece of birthday cake!

Thanks to all our friends and family who came to celebrate Jazz's birthday with us. It was a very special day. Jazz is just in heaven with all the wonderful gifts she received...and Tess promises to help her play with all of them!!


  1. Jazz was certainly the happy girl and I know that Bizzi and I had a wonderful time. I am sure Jazz has at least one of everything now but I suspect she may have had one of everything already. Thank you for including us in the celebtation!

  2. Frank Dana & PatrickDecember 2, 2008 at 8:48 PM

    Thank you for inviting us. We all had a great time. Patrick is still thinking about if he is going to share any of his new toys with Snowy. It was great to meet everybody.
    Thank you
    Frank Dana & Patrick