Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Q for Jazz

I'm very proud to announce that Jazz received her first-ever qualifying score this afternoon!! Jazz earned a second place Q in Rally Novice A at the Butler Dog Training Association trial. I am especially pleased with Jazz's performance because of her tender age (almost 17 mos.) and because this is the first time Jazz and I have stepped into the rally ring. While we were both a bit tentative, we scored an 89 out of 100, with the first place dog scoring a 94 (70 points were needed to qualify). Not too shabby for a couple of amateurs! As we both become more confident, I hope that Jazz continues to enjoy Rally. It was a great way for the two of us to begin working as a team.

Here's the video from our run. Overall, Jazz did great. We had a few shaky areas, but I'm hoping that a little experience and confidence for both of us will improve on our performance. Before today's trial, Jazz and I had the grand total experience of a 1/2 day Rally seminar under our belts and not much more than that!


  1. WOOHOO Congratulations of the first of many Q's for you two!

  2. YAY!! Good girl Jazz! You guys look great! We've dabbled a little bit in rally, but I think I'll wait until Peyton is a little older (read: calmer) before we try competing. Oh, and that three cone sign always makes me dizzy! :)

  3. Can you say proud? I cannot tell you how proud I am of you two and all that you have accomplished in such a short time. You look like a great team. I love that Jazz's tail never stopped wagging. What an exciting performance career she has in front of her. You go girls! LaDonna

  4. Way to go Jazz ! ! ! ! That was a great way to start your career. My mom, dad, and I wish you the best. Lots of licks & wags.
    Your brother Patrick.