Monday, May 18, 2009


Tess and Jim had another great weekend at CPE agility. They qualified in ten out of eleven runs, with five first place, four second place, and a fourth place. Tess also had a first place non-qualifying score on a wicked Jackpot course that was her only non-qualifying run of the weekend. Tess is now in Level 4 and 5 in CPE, so we're very pleased that she's able to do so well in the higher levels of competition.
In the meantime, Jazz is getting closer and closer to her agility debut in early June at the NADAC trial in Zanesville, OH. We hope that Jazz will follow in big sister Tess' pawprints and be successful in agility, but most of all, we hope that Jazz enjoys the sport as much as Tess does.


  1. Yay Jim and Tess!! That's AWESOME, big congrats!! :)

  2. Hey Tess - nice going! Guess what? I am gonna be in your dads class!
    your pal, Morgan

  3. congrats!! i also have dalmatian..