Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jazz - RA and Tess - PDII

It was quite a weekend for Tess and Jazz, even though it was a rare instance where we divided the troops and went in two different directions!

Jazz and I went to Rally, with a third place qualifying score yesterday and another qualifying score today to earn her Rally Advanced title in three successive times in the ring. I was very proud of my little brown girl, who seems to really enjoy Rally. We've got a bit of work to do before stepping into Rally Excellent, but in the meantime, I'm going to work with Jazz and Tess together with an eye towards Rally Pairs, where I'd run both girls together on the Rally course! Talk about seeing spots!!

In the meantime, Tess and Jim went off to USDAA Agility, where Tess earned her Performance II Standard and Performance II Pairs titles with two first place qualifying runs and thus completed her Performance Dog II title. Tess also qualified with second place in Performance III Snooker and took a first and fourth placement.

Here's Tess with her whopping Performance Dog II title ribbon. There's a lot of polyester in the Bauer household this weekend!! We are very blessed to have two girls who work so well for us and have opened up new adventures and friendships through Agility and Rally.


  1. Awesome job ladies (and Jim)!! The Florida spotties and I are very proud of you guys! :)

  2. Go Miss Jazz Rally Dog!!
    Congrats Jim and Tess!!


    Lisa, I still have the video from Delmont. Sadly, my poor 'puter is on it's last legs and I've tried three times to send it-it freezes the whole system every time!!
    I'm still working on it. I've composed three very nice e-mails to you only to have them disappear into cyber-space never to return. I'll keep working on it.