Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

from The Bauers!

As Tess and Jazz are preparing for their Thanksgiving feast of Merrick's Thanksgiving Day Dinner and turkey cookies from the dog bakery, we wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!
In addition to our two spotted Thanksgiving blessings, we are thankful for all our "dog" friends, who are like family to us. Thanks for all of your friendship, support, and for allowing us to share in the lives of these remarkable canines who brought us together!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Cookies from the dog bakery? Wowzers!
    your pals, Morgan and Maisie

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! I love their special dinners!!

  3. How cute is that!? I think my spotties are on their way to your house...they should make it there in time for next Thanksgiving. :)

    Hope you had a nice one!