Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CPE Weekend

We had a great weekend in CPE agility at Washingtonville, OH. It was a three-day trial, and we had a blast meeting up with our friends and staying in adjoining hotel rooms with Mariann, Jim, Rocky, and Sammie.

The video above is from Tess' Wildcard run on Sunday. In Wildcard, there are three places where there are two obstacles side by side and you must make a choice. You need two of one kind and one of another. Just when you think you have a good plan, the dog can change all that by making an incorrect choice. Tess did a great job on this tough course.

Overall, Tess had eight qualifying runs, three of them in the Championship level and all with placements. She even got to run with "Aunt Mariann" on Friday evening and was a very good girl.

Next up is Jazz's Full House run from Saturday. In Full House, you need three jumps, two round obstacles (tunnel, tire, chute) and a Joker (usually contact obstacles). You also must accumulate enough points to qualify. After the whistle, the dog has five seconds to get to the table to stop the clock. For each second you're late to the table, you lose a point. As you can see, Jazz did a great job on this run and had a fun time with it.

Jazz also had a very nice weekend, qualifying in five runs, with three first place and two second place. She also earned her Level 2 Handler Games title. Go, Jazz!


  1. Looks like a fun weekend to me!!!!!

  2. Great job for the spotty girls! :-) Jazz is looking good!

  3. Nice going! We miss seeing you. I am allowed to start agility again! Maisie would of liked all that tunnel back and forth stuff. BOL! Your pal, Morgan