Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Jazz and I continued our Road Trial training last evening by trying coaching with a horse and cart. We met Doris of Wolfe Dream Carriage at Northmoreland Park and had a wonderful ride with her beautiful and gentle horse Bonnie.

Here's Jazz coaching alongside the cart on one of the trails in the park.

It was a great evening for a ride, nice and cool for both Bonnie and Jazz.

Here's Jazz coaching alongside Bonnie. I would have preferred her to be back by the cart more, but I've spent a lot of time teaching her to hock, and that was the position that she preferred.

After Jazz got over the novelty of being out with a horse and cart in a lovely park (and ran off some energy), she fell more into a coaching position behind the cart, which is very acceptable.

We rode for over an hour, with only a short break to give Jazz some water. Although she was panting during the ride, I was very pleased with how quickly she came back to a baseline after the ride was over. She showed no adverse signs this morning and engaged in her normal play routine with Tess. I think that some of our endurance training is paying off, so we'll continue exercising on the fitness ball, walking, and biking.

I was incredibly pleased with Jazz while we were out with Doris and Bonnie. This is the first time she's ever seen a cart and she was off lead in an incredible park with lots of distractions. At one point, Jazz spotted a little critter scamper down an intersecting trail and stayed with the horse and cart. Even the birds, which are her big temptation, didn't faze her. This was a wonderfully positive experience for us both.
What a pleasant evening it was to ride along in the cart with Bonnie. She is an amazingly smooth horse and the surroundings in the park made for a very relaxing evening. The fact that I could combine this incredible experience with my dog was a real bonus!

After our ride in the park, we went back to Wolfe Dream Carriage to see some of the 20 carriages they have, as well as meet the equine (and canine) family. This is Toy and her 2-week-old baby Razzle Dazzle.
If you ever need a carriage for a wedding or event, I'd highly recommend Wolfe Dream Carriage. Doris and Bill are lovely people who take good care of their horses. Their carriages are beautiful and their horses are well behaved, and they were more than accommodating to me and Jazz. I hope to ride with them again soon.


  1. Thanks Lisa for sharing such great photos of little Jazz. They always bring tears to my eyes to see her doing so magnificently in all that you do with her. You make this breeder VERY proud.

  2. Lisa-----A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!! What fun!! I'm looking forward to following your progress!!

  3. Thanks, LaDonna, for your comments, but I have to respond that much of Jazz's success is due to YOU! Because of careful breeding and the incredible amount of time you spend with your litters while they're with you, Jazz is a loving, intelligent Dal with a fantastic work ethic. I know I don't need to tell you how much I LOVE this dog and enjoy training with her. She is awesome!

    When we rode with Doris, she told me that she's heard many times that Appaloosas and Dalmatians both have more spots than brains and was a little hesitant about agreeing to work with us, but she was particularly impressed with Jazz and her abilities and willingness to work. I'm pleased that Jazz could change that perception for at least one person, and I'm sure she'll continue to prove to folks that Dals are smart, loving companions.

    I hope Jazz and I will continue to make you proud of us. I know I'm proud to have a Kingdom Dalmatian!