Friday, September 10, 2010

Easy Rider

Every Thursday evening, Jazz and Sammie go to class together. Tess usually stays home with Jim. Yesterday, Jim was in Philadelphia for work, and since I didn't want to leave Tess at home all evening after being home all day while I was at work, she went to spend the evening with her "Uncle Jim." Tess got to go walking in the park with Jim, and since we take my car to class, she got to ride in Jim's van in Rocky's special seat, wearing Rocky's seatbelt harness! I'm sure Tess just loved sitting in the passenger seat facing forward to look out the windshield. She usually rides in the back of my car with a view only of where we've been, not where we're going!
I'm not sure how Rocky's going to feel once he realizes that a silly spotted girl was riding in HIS seat and wearing HIS harness. Rocky is 14 years old, and while his trips to the park to walk may be over, he is still about the coolest dog in the world, which is why I nicknamed him John Wayne! He is wonderfully calm and confident, and both my girls are very respectful of Rocky. Thanks, buddy, for allowing Tess to ride in your seat and spend the evening with your Dad at the park. Thanks, too, to Uncle Jim for taking Tess to the park so she didn't have to spend the evening home alone!


  1. :-)

    who's Sammie?
    Belly rubs to the girls!

  2. Jenn -

    Rocky and Sammie belong to our friends, Mariann and Jim. Sammie is our "adopted" Border Collie. My Jim sometimes runs him in agility. Jazz adores him and they spend a lot of time together. Tess and Jazz go to training classes with Sammie, as well as walk in the park and do pet therapy. We're sort of an extended doggie "family."

    Did you think we snuck a puppy in on you? ;) As much as I'd love another one, we have the perfect mix right now with Tess and Jazz and I won't jeopardize that, so for now, we'll just have to get additional doggie lovin' from our adopted boys, Rocky and Sammie!