Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Here are a few pictures from Jazz's birthday celebration:

Didn't take Jazz long to figure out the birthday cake thing. She was licking at it before I could even get the camera ready! Both girls enjoyed Jazz's peanut butter-banana birthday cake.

Gee, that peanut butter icing really sticks to the roof of your mouth!

Tess politely waited for the birthday girl to eat her cake...

...and then gulped her piece down, too!

Jazz opening a few of her presents.

Come on, Jazz...let's play with your new toy!

Happy Birthday, baby girl...and many, many more!!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday, Pretty Girl!!

  2. Late as usual, but the spotties and I send Jazz birhday wishes! Peyton says next year he's going to come up and teach your girls the proper way to demolish a birthday cake. :)

    Hugs and kisses to one of our very favorite spotty girls!