Monday, January 9, 2012

This 'n That

Just a few miscellaneous pictures of the spotted gang:

Here's everyone relaxing on the couch, a typical sight on most days.

Indy thinks Jazz makes a fine pillow...and Jazz is happy to oblige!

This is Indy with Remmy, one of his puppy school buddies, back in December.

This is Indy sleeping upside down in the dog bed in my office while I try to do some work.

We had a very nice time at CPE agility over the New Year's weekend. We stayed in a lovely suite with a fireplace with our friends Mariann and Jim and their Border Collie Sammie, and a good time was had by all. Indy behaved very well, both at the hotel and at the trial. The girls both had great weekends. Tess had another perfect weekend, with a total of 10 qualifying scores, and Jazz had 9 qualifying scores, once again coming so close to that perfect weekend. Jazz is just about finished with Level 4 Standard, which requires 8 qualifying scores, and is mostly in Level 5 (working on her C-ATCH), but she is also in Championship level in two classes now! She is really enjoying agility and has been doing so well. I'll have to get some video uploaded of some of the girls' runs. I'd post some video of Indy, but he's either sleeping or running too fast for me to capture him on tape!!

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