Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beach Friends

Here are some pictures of the group we traveled with to the Outer Banks:

Ian, Ethan, Tess, Indy and Jazz on a bench at Hattaras Light Station.

This is Sammie doing what he loves most at the beach...retrieving his bumper from the surf.

Indy and Shaina meet up for a play date on the beach.

Here's the whole gang at Hatteras Light Station:  Kim, Eric, Ian and Ethan with Bently, Twist, Scorch and Blizzard; Jim and Mariann with Sammie; me and Jim with Jazz, Tess and Indy; and George and Lois with Toby and Shaina.

After we took this picture, a woman stopped and asked me if there was a dog show going on!!  I told her that we are just a bunch of friends on vacation.  How blessed we are to be a part of this crew who loves to relax and spend time with good friends and their dogs.  The fact that we get to do that at the Outer Banks is just icing on the cake!!  We had another awesome week at the beach and look forward to next year's adventures.

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