Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rainn-y Day

My sister recently adopted a lovely little liver Dalmatian from our friends Peggy and Tina at OBX Dalmatians.  OBX Right As Rainn, "Rainn," came to meet her Dal cousins today.

Here's Rainn, Tess, Jazz, Indy, and Dancer, all with their tongues hanging out after a nice romp in the yard.

Tess thinks there's no better way to get to know your new cousin than by sticking your nose in her ear!!

Here's Rainn cooling off in the grass after another round of chase and play.

After dinner, we got everyone settled down enough to snap this photo for the family album.  By the way, the third one in from the left is an imposter.  It's a fox statue that lives on our deck, but even he wanted his photo taken with these canine cousins.

We're pleased to welcome Rainn to our family.  Our Dals all had a wonderful day chasing and playing and wrestling with Rainn.  Jazz took a particular liking to her...must be a liver girl thing!!  Dancer was kind of the odd man out among all the spotted dogs, but he did a good job keeping up with them playing in the yard, and I understand that he loves to wrestle with Rainn.

Tess, Jazz, and Indy are looking forward to their next "Rainn" day!

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  1. AWESOME! Rainn is a lovely girl. I am so glad your spotty team have welcomed her to the family so nicely. Also, congrats to Jazz and Indy on their recent obedience wins. You guys always make us proud.