Sunday, September 15, 2013


Today, five Dals from the Greater Pittsburgh Dalmatian Club took and passed their Temperament Tests!  It was great to see such a nice showing of Dalmatians at the test, and we're very proud of the Dals who earned their TT:

From the left is Chris and Ryder, Barb and Indy's Daddy Maks, me and Indy, and Twister, Susan, and Ripley.

The Temperament Test evaluates the dog's behavior towards strangers, reaction to auditory stimuli, reaction to visual stimuli, reaction to tactile stimuli, and their reaction to a "weird" stranger who starts out non-threatening and then escalates to threatening and then aggressive.

All these Dals did a great job on the test and we're very proud of the representation of GPDC and Dalmatians as a breed during this test!

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