Sunday, October 20, 2013


Not to be outdone by her baby brother, Jazz also did very well at the Keystone Canine Training Club Rally trial.  She, too, placed in all her classes and earned her Rally Level 2 Championship and her ARCHX title! 

Even though Jazz doesn't do the paw-up routine when she sits, she's still a cutie!  We always get lots of comments about the "brown" Dalmatian.

The joy of working with Jazz is her awesome focus and attention.  While Indy is busy wooing the crowd, Jazz is focused on her handler!

I just love being in the ring with Jazz.  She's so attentive and eager to please.  She consistently does a great job and I just feel a special connection to her.

Jazz, too, had a nice weekend at AKC Obedience the weekend after the Rally trial.  She was in Wildcard Open Obedience and got first place both days!!  I was really pleased with her heeling and retrieves, and her drop on recall was really nice.  

Many thanks to photographer Jane from Cavalier Canvas Company for the great Rally photos of Jazz and Indy!

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  1. You are very welcome Lisa! And Congrats to Indy and Jazz! They were a pleasure to photograph.