Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Snow Frisbee

Here's a little video of a new game Indy invented while playing frisbee in the snow today.  Rather than the typical toss, fetch, and return, Indy decided that it was more fun to hike the frisbee through his back legs and then turn around and pounce on it.  As you can see in the video, there were times when he got some pretty good distance!  After the girls decided it was too cold to stay out in the snow, Indy entertained himself with his new game.


  1. Now that is one delightfully silly dog -- he's adorable! My old Dalmatian girl also decided the weather is just too cold, and has been wearing her Thundershirt indoors to keep warm. When she does go out, though, the cold temperatures have her running around the yard like a puppy, which is so good to see at her age. Hope all of you have a happy Thanksgiving (and better weather)!

    1. If he wasn't silly, he wouldn't be a Dalmatian ;) Thanks for your comment, Cee. Hope you and your Dal have a wonderful Thanksgiving, too!!