Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jazz at CPE Agility

The photographer just posted these two pictures of Jazz from the CPE trial in Slippery Rock a few weeks ago, and I thought I'd share. This trial was held in a horse arena, and this is the first time that either Tess or Jazz has run on a surface like this. Our spotty friends in Florida seem to run most often in these conditions, but up here in PA, we're used to running indoors on artificial turf or a rubber matting. Running in a horse arena on a dirt floor with horsey scents and birds chirping in the rafters was a challenge for us! Despite that, Jazz did very well. She qualified with first place in Full House, qualified with first place in Colors, and qualified with second place in Standard. She also had a non-qualifying first place in Standard and a non-qualifying second place in Jumpers, where Jazz ran with her favorite Aunt Mariann! This was Jazz's first CPE trial and only the second time overall that she's run in a trial, so I'm very pleased that she qualified in three out of five runs.
Tess also had a good weekend, qualifying in six out of eight runs. We're taking most of the month of July off from agility, as there are too many things that need done at home! Tess will run in her first USDAA Versatility Pairs tournament at the end of July, and both Tess and Jazz will be back in the CPE ring in early August.


  1. Awesome job - love the pics! Peyton is snickering at his "city" girfriends though...we do like to get our spots dirty down here in Florida. :)

  2. Whoo Hoo - way to go!! Nice pictures..
    your pal, Morgan

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So for us uninformed... what is colors and full house? I am happy about how well she did but clueless as to what she did well in.... DO TELL!!!!

  4. Good questions, Barb. Colors is a game in CPE agility where there are two overlapping courses in the ring, each marked with different colored cones. The dog and handler must choose a colored course to run and not take any of the opposite colored obstacles.

    Full House is sort of like the card game. You must accumulate three of a kind, a pair, and a joker and earn enough points to qualify. In this case, the three of a kind would be single jumps @ 1 point each. Then the pair would be any round obstacles (tire, tunnel, chute) @ 3 points each. The joker is chosen by the judge on each course, and it's either one of the contact obstacles, broad, double, or triple jumps @ 5 points each. In Jazz's level, she had to accumulate 19 points, including the three of a kind, pair, and joker. It's a fun game, but keeps you on your toes!

  5. Way to go Tess & Jazz! Nice pics - really love the 4th of July pictures but don't give our mom any ideas. Your furry pals Kiwi, Voodoo, Sefina, Calvin, & Crazy Robin