Monday, July 27, 2009

USDAA Performance Versatility Pairs

Over the weekend, Tess participated in her first USDAA Performance Versatility Pairs competition. Two dogs/handlers run as a team and their scores are combined and they must earn a percentage of maximum points to qualify.
Tess and Jim were invited to be on a team with our friend Margaret and her Border Collie Josie. Our team was called "Black and White and Spotted All Over." Long name, but appropriate for these two! My sister embroidered their team name on t-shirts, along with their logo, which was the yin-yang symbol.
Tess and Josie made a great pair, not only qualifying, but taking first place in Performance Pairs! Tess also did well in individual competition, earning her very first Super Q in Snooker! Way to go, Tess, Jim, Josie, and Margaret! What a fun weekend.
Judge Bud Houston, Jim, Tess, Margaret and Josie

Tess with the team medallion she won, with Jim in his team shirt

A closer view of Tess with her medallion

While Jazz did not compete this weekend, she was a very busy girl chasing grasshoppers and playing with her friend Abby in the field at the trial site! Jazz and I always enjoy trialing at K9 Four Seasons Athlete Center, because it's on a big farm and there are lots of places for us to run and play!


  1. Wow! Awesome job Jim & Tess! I love the team name and shirts too!

  2. Go Tess and Jim!!! :-) Sounds like a great time was had by all! The Team Name is the best!!!