Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More CPE Agility

Jazz ran in CPE agility again this past weekend and earned her Level 1 Strategy Games title with a first place Q in Snooker, which also completed her overall Level 1 title. She also qualified in Level 2 Full House. Our next few trials will be in AKC and USDAA with Tess, so Jazz will keep training until the end of October, when we'll try another CPE trial. Jazz and I are also working hard on Rally and will make our Rally Advanced debut in September.

Also at CPE, Tess qualified in her first Championship level run with a second place in Wildcard. Go, Tess, go!!


  1. Awesome job ladies! I don't do much CPE, but I could never get a snooker Q with Indy to save my life! :)