Sunday, August 9, 2009

Perfect Weekend!!!

After several near misses, including being just 1 point away, Jim and Tess earned a Perfect Weekend ribbon at CPE agility!! That means that they qualified in all eight of their runs over this past weekend, all of which were in Level 4 and 5, which are the higher levels of competition. Tess also got her Standard Level 4 and Fun Games Level 4 titles. Jim and Tess have become a great team, and we're so very proud of them!
Jim, Tess, and the rest of the gang who earned Perfect Weekend ribbons at the CPE trial at K9 Athlete Center in Washingtonville, OH, along with judge Art Malott from Ontario, Canada, eh!

Tess wasn't the only star this weekend. In only Jazz's second CPE trial, she qualified and placed in five out of six runs, earning her Standard Level 1, Handler Games Level 1, and Fun Games Level 1 titles! Jazz had a lot of fun on her runs and is gaining confidence in us as a team. I was thrilled with how well she ran for me this weekend and look forward to our next runs together!

Here's a video from Jazz's Jumpers run on Friday evening, judged by our friend and fellow Dalmatian owner Susan Zimmerman


  1. What a houseful of OVERACHIEVERS!!!!

    Sounds like a GREAT weekend!!

    Congrats to all of you!!

  2. WHOO WHOO! Jim, you and Tess must be amazing to watch perform. Congratulations on a super job! Lisa, I loved watching you and Jazz together. She followed your instructions so happily and well and your handling skills were wonderful, you were right where you needed to be right when you needed to be there. Wait until she gets even more confident and is FLYING around that ring. Great job by two great agility teams.

  3. Way to go Jim and Tess!!!!! Congratulations.

    And way to go with Jazz!!!! She's looking good!!!! (and so are you)

  4. Sherri -

    Talk about overachievers - seems I saw Wendy's name pretty high up on the DCA's list of Performance Top Spots in Obedience!!

    Jazz and I are still working on Rally. Hope to see you soon.

  5. Jim And Lisa,
    I love seeing what you and your girls are up to each weekend. I get bummed when you stay home...LOL All I can say is WOW!!!!!!

  6. Wow! Awesome job all of you!! :)

  7. Fantastic job all around! How exciting for you all.

    -cindy & the spotted boys