Sunday, May 9, 2010

Beach Memories

Well, we're back home again and missing the beach already! We had an absolutely wonderful vacation with our friends and look forward to next year's trip. The weather was fantastic, and the dogs will have a "beach hangover" for the next several days, I'm sure.

Jazz and Tess enjoy the sunrise from the deck of our beach house.

Of course, the highlight of the week was all the playing, wrestling, and digging at the beach, as well as wading into the surf.

Here's Jazz and her buddy Ian on the beach. Ian's family has five dogs, but he's always been partial to Jazz, ever since she was a puppy.

Here's the whole group of dogs that we traveled to the Outer Banks with: Labradoodles Shaina and Toby, Rocky, Tess, Jazz, Sammie, Chocolate Lab Heath, and Border Collies Swirl, Twist, Scorch, and Blizzard.

So after a week at the beach, we ended up with very tired, happy Dalmatians! The girls are still sleeping it off this morning, but they had another fun adventure in the Outer Banks this year.

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  1. WOWZERS!!! you guys are having a great time this spring!that horse thing is really cool, but mom says that won't work too well with shelties, so we will just have to follow your adventures. We would also like to try the beach, but mom, again, worries we will get full of sand and then sink like sand bags if we get in the water. do you think that could happen?
    your pals, Morgan & Maisie