Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ocracoke Island

It was another beautiful day on vacation in the Outer Banks. We headed over to Ocracoke Island today, where there are awesome beaches!
Here's Jazz and Tess in the back of the car while on the ferry from Hatteras Island to Ocracoke Island. Both girls enjoyed the ride on the ferry and the ocean breezes.

Tess and Jazz on the dune at Ocracoke

Even though we were trying to snap this photo, Tess and Jazz were more interested in the birds just up the beach from us. They had a wonderful time on Ocracoke Island, where there were only two other people on the beach during the time we were there. It was like having our own private beach in paradise!!

Taking a break on a bench at the beach access on the way back to the car for the ferry ride back to Hatteras Island. The girls are now snoozing off their adventure at Ocracoke, but tomorrow's another day and another adventure!


  1. Beautiful pictures, Lisa. Hope you are relaxing and soaking up some rays. The girls should be on a "LIFE IS GOOD" t-shirt!!

  2. Funny you should mention Life is Good, Sherri. They have a Life is Good store on Hatteras Island, and Jim and I each got t-shirts. Certainly, Tess and Jazz should be the poster dogs for Life is Good! We are truly blessed.