Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just Ducky!

Jazz has been training hard in the Cozy Inn swimming pool. She has come such a long way! In January when we first took her, she had to be carried in the pool and the tech held her while she "swam" (see In the Swim post for video). Later, they taught her to use the steps to get in the pool, then swim to the other set of steps to get out. After that, she started doing that circuit on her own. Now, drumroll, please....Jazz is getting in the pool and swimming on her own with no life vest!! She now glides into the pool and swims like a duck with her feet paddling under the water, instead of the wild, frothing kicking she started out with. Most importantly, you'll notice that her tail is always wagging. She loves Michele, the technician who has been swimming her, and she is happy the whole time she's in there with her, although she always glances at me through the window when she gets out of the pool!

We're all so proud of Jazz for her swimming accomplishments. It's been fabulous exercise and has improved her confidence a ton. Even though this started out as conditioning for the Road Trial, we're going to continue swimming Jazz and also Tess when we return.


  1. Wow she is doing great!!!! :-)

  2. OH MY GAWD, Lisa!!! She is SO DARN cute....I love her to death!!

    That was my SMILE for the day :)

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  4. Such great progress. What an amazing little girl she is. Good luck to both her and Tess as they wow the crowds at the Dalmatian National. I can't wait to hear about their competitions. Most of all I hope all four of you have a blast.

    Don't mind the last post. I was trying to change my profile picture.