Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Therapy Visit

Jazz and her brother Peet made a therapy visit to the assisted living facility yesterday. We were filling in for our breeder and her dog Gage, so the spotted kids had big paws to fill! The residents there just adore Gage. Jazz and Peet's litter visited this facility when they were wee pups, so the folks there are always happy to see them, although they will forever be "the puppies."

We started out by showing everyone how Jazz has learned to retrieve and hold her dumbbell.

All of our dumbbell work came in handy when Jazz decided to become an Easter Bunny in training! We simply transitioned from holding the dumbbell to holding an Easter basket. We started with an empty basket and progressed to holding a basket filled with Easter eggs.

The residents just loved Peet and Jazz in their bunny ears! One resident commented that if you live long enough, you see everything, and she was glad she had lived long enough to see THIS! It isn't every day you see a couple of spotted Easter bunnies!!

Being Easter bunnies is tough work, and Peet and Jazz ended their visit with a little nap after bringing smiles to the residents and staff. We were so proud of both dogs for being well behaved and spreading some Easter cheer.


  1. Awww, great job Jazz and Peet!! What wonderful, sweet spotties they are. I love the pictures...especially Jazz and her Easter Basket since Derby found one today and tried to eat it. Boys! :)

  2. You guys always make me proud. Thanks so much for filling in for big brother Gage. I know the residents were pleased to see the "bath tub puppies", as they refer to them. The pictures are wonderful, such cute bunnies.

  3. So sweet...I love me some JAZZ!! She and Peet look so beautiful together.

    Are you going to be at the Butler Trial? I decided to take Wendy out to do some Rally so we could spend some time together.

  4. Sherri - We'll be at Dalmatian Nationals during the Butler trial, so I'm afraid we won't see you there. Jazz is doing the Road Trial, Obedience, and Agility, and Tess is doing Rally and Agility. We are actually also doing Obedience Brace with Tess and Jazz, so stay tuned to hear how that turns out!

    Have fun with Wendy in Saxonburg! She's such a nice working dog.

  5. Good Luck to you!! Can't wait to hear how you make out!!

  6. Jazz, you are a really good sport! Good luck at the spotted Nationals!

  7. OMG - the pictures are awesome! What good dogs! Steeler is telling me that he is NOT going to wear no bunny ears. :-)