Thursday, December 22, 2011

Puppy Therapy

Today we joined five of Indy's siblings for pet therapy in Latrobe. For some of the puppies, this was the first time they had seen their littermates since going home. It was so much fun to see the puppies and how each has fit in with their new families.

Here's Indy and Emily. Since Indy was the last to be picked up from the breeder, these two spent a lot of time together and are always happy to see each other. Indy and Emily entertained the residents with one of their wrestling matches and enjoyed the company of their other siblings.

Indy did a fabulous job today, both in his interactions with the other puppies and in his interactions with the residents. If today was any indication, I think he will be a kind, compassionate therapy dog, much like Jazz. He seemed quite comfortable in these new surroundings and made his rounds and greeted everyone individually.

For those of you who followed this litter when they were with Barb, Indy was the puppy known as Dalton. Since the puppies were born on LaDonna's birthday, they were named after her and her family. Here's Indy with his namesake, LaDonna's adorable grandson Dalton. If Indy is anything like Dalton the boy, I'm a very lucky owner!

Here's the whole gang who did pet therapy today. From left to right, it's Deb with Gabe, Millie with Jewel, Mary Ann with Willie, Barb with Emily, me and Indy, and Marian with Andi. We were also joined by several Dal Club friends who helped wrangle puppies and take pictures!

Indy and I had a great time today. I always like to visit this facility. The people there are so nice and appreciative of our visits. It was a special treat to see Indy's siblings again and watch them bring some holiday cheer to the residents.

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  1. Thanks so much for participating. Indi is awesome and he impressed many yesterday with his amazing focus and obedience. What a beautiful puppy he is and just as sweet as the real Dalton.
    A very Merry Christmas to you, Jim and all of your spotted kids.