Saturday, December 3, 2011

Where's the Remote?

When Indy was a baby playing with his siblings, Barb and LaDonna noticed that he would take a coveted toy and stash it away for his own personal use. Since he's been with us, I've seen the same thing. Just the other day, Indy waited for Jazz to finish playing with a toy that we often fill with treats. When Jazz finished with it, Indy snatched it up and stuck it in the pile of dog toys in his special hiding place. He's also done this with bones and antlers. He never takes the coveted object away from one of the other dogs. He just waits until they walk away and then he quietly stashes it.

Well, this morning, Jim noticed that the TV remote was missing. Although there is an end table right next to the couch where Jim sits, he often leaves the remote on the arm of the couch. Tess and Jazz know that is Dad's prized possession, so they don't touch it. This morning, though, it was nowhere to be found! After searching in the couch cushions, on the floor, and under the couch, I suggested that we look in Indy's favorite hiding place in the pile of dog toys...and there was the remote!!

The remote is sticking out of the dog toys a little more than halfway down the photo on the right side. There wasn't a mark on it, so Indy didn't chew on it or play with it. He just knew that this was a coveted item and he stashed it away for himself!! Clever little boy, huh?


  1. I told you he was clever. Gotta love that boy!

  2. HAHA ! Better hold on to your wallet & car keys..Lol Just goes to prove that this little boy is just as smart as he is cute. Way to go Indy ! ! !
    P.s. Sending a belated birthday wish to Jazz from her brother Patrick. HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY JAZZ !!!!!!!!!

  3. Great to hear from you, Frank! A very happy 4th birthday to Patrick, too! Would love to see some recent pics of Jazz's handsome brother. Hope all is well with you and Dana.

  4. too funny!!!!! Steeler also hides things but mostly just chew toys. It is really funny to watch!

    PS - thanks for the cake recipe!