Sunday, July 29, 2012

GPDC Meeting

Yesterday, Indy went with us to the Greater Pittsburgh Dalmatian Club meeting, which was held at Chris A's lovely home.  The best part of the meeting was that dogs were invited, so we took Indy to play with everyone.

Here's Indy, Amber, and Ivy checking out the pool.

Indy and his breeder, Barb.  Indy is always overjoyed to see Barb, and he spent half the day yesterday climbing all over her and "hugging" her.  Barb was the first person Indy knew, and he obviously holds a special place in his heart for her!

Here's a good bit of the gang who was there out on the deck:  Indy, his sister Emily and Aunt Lila, Ivy, Dawson, and Schenley, who are puppies from Ryder and Bridgette's litter, along with Jeff's puppy Amber, and Bridgette and Bella.

Dalmatian Chris' living room, no less!

Many thanks to Chris for hosting the meeting and for the great work that she's done as GPDC's president.  Indy had a fabulous time playing with all the spotty dogs and is still sleeping it off this morning!!


  1. EVERYONE loves Grammy Barb!!

    When asked if that leg was delicious, Indy said, "Tastes like CHICKEN!!".

    1. That tasty leg Indy was noshing on belongs to his lovely sister Emily! There were Dals at this meeting from 11 weeks up through adults, and Indy had a blast playing with them all. Gotta love this boy's temperament!

  2. The meeting was so much fun and I loved seeing all these sweet dogs interacting with each other. I know Lila and Emily were tired after the meeting. I believe Emily and Amber will have to try a little harder if they want to compete in syncronized swimming in the future! Indy was in his glory with so many girls to play with and getting to kiss grandma too!

    Chris is such an angel to host these funfests!

    1. Yes, the girls will definitely have to work on their synchronized swimming routine, although Emily was a strong swimmer and seemed to be comfortable in the water. Indy certainly was in his glory at that meeting. We're looking forward to Fun Day on September 15!!