Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rim Rock's Out of the Blue

We've recently done some remodeling at our house, and in the course of cleaning and painting, we took all our pictures off the walls.  When we were done painting and were rehanging our photos, we realized that we had no professional pictures of our little guy, Indy.

So, two Sundays ago we met up with photographer Bethany Brown at Deer Lakes Park for a doggie photo shoot, and here are some of my favorite pictures of Indy:

I love how this photo shows the sweetness in Indy's face.  He is such a kind, gentle dog.

This is Barb's (Indy's breeder) favorite picture.  This is the look we get when we say something that Indy likes, such as "Good boy"!

Detecting a trend here?

Another great head shot.  Bethany was a pleasure to work with (she's a dog person, too) and she took of ton of wonderful photos of the spotted dogs.

Next installment...Tess!


  1. AWWW, that face makes me want to just kiss it. What a sweet guy. I am so glad he is a Bauer kid, where we get to see and hear about him. Lucky dog---Lucky you.

  2. Yea....what she said! Lucky me too!!!!!