Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Indy!

The date September 11 has significance for most of us because of the events of 2001, but this date has come to have a happier meaning as we celebrate Indy's first birthday today.

September 11 is also the birthdate of our friend LaDonna, and because Indy's litter was born on her birthday and was actually made up of the exact number of males and females in LaDonna's family, the litter was named after them.  Indy was known as Dalton, after LaDonna's adorable grandson.  The picture above was taken when he was just five days old.

If you follow our blog, you know how Indy came to be Rim Rock's Out of the Blue and became a part of our family, despite the fact that we hadn't planned on adding a puppy at that time (see Out of the Blue post).  This little guy has been a great addition to our household and has brought us much joy and laughter.  He has the sweetest personality and makes friends wherever he goes.  He's lovable and smart and has been a blast to train.  We're so glad that Indy dropped into our family "out of the blue"!

While Indy's actual birthday is today, his first birthday celebration with his human and canine friends will be this coming Sunday, so stay tuned for photos of Indy's birthday bash!


  1. What an adorable picture of an adorable dog. Happy Birthday to you Indy and to me too. Can't wait to celebrate with you.