Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Indy's Birthday Party

I think we've sufficiently recovered from Indy's birthday party on Sunday to post a few pictures!

Indy's birthday cake

 Here's the whole gang who attended Indy's birthday party playing a game which involved a story about Indy's first year.

Indy sampling his birthday cake

Here's a picture of Indy and his siblings who attended the party:  From left to right, it's Jewel, Willie, Indy, and Gabe. It was great to see the puppies again and see how everyone has grown.  All of these puppies have made their families very happy!

Indy before he opened all those birthday presents!

Indy received many wonderful and thoughtful gifts from our friends and family, including toys, treats, and even a backpack so he can help carry some of the goodies he can get when he goes shopping with the gift cards he received, too!

Indy had the able assistance of my great-nephews Ryan and Logan in opening his birthday gifts.

Many thanks to everyone who attended Indy's birthday party.  We had a fun afternoon with friends and family, both human and canine!  It was great to have a few of Indy's siblings join us for the party...and we wish them all many more happy birthdays!!

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