Sunday, October 7, 2012

Paws for the Cure

The girls and I attended the Susan G. Komen Paws for the Cure event this morning at Hartwood Acres.

Tess and Jazz got all decked out in their best pink attire to help raise some money for breast cancer research/awareness.

While we were at my sister's yesterday, she made the girls these awesome pink ribbons to wear to the walk today!

Nothing completes an outfit like pink pigtails!  Tess and Jazz were very good sports about wearing the ribbons and pigtails, and although they didn't win the pink costume contest, they girls had their photo taken many, many times today in their pink finery and received lots of compliments.

As always, Jazz was such a good girl.  She wore this outfit the entire time we were at Hartwood Acres, including on the one-mile walk!  She was going to do her part to raise money for this worthy cause.

Speaking of raising funds, we want to thank the many folks who contributed to Paws for the Cure through us.  We sold handmade jewelry to raise money and wish to thank the folks at UPMC Passavant, the Greater Pittsburgh Dalmatian Club, and Splash 'n Dash K9 Sports who purchased jewelry in support of Paws for the Cure.  Also, a big thank you to the folks who work with Jim at Siemens who made generous contributions.  Last, but certainly not least, a big hug and thank-you to my sister, who sewed purses and tissue holders and key rings to sell and also made the awesome pink ribbons that Tess and Jazz wore today.

I have several women who are dear to me who have battled breast cancer, so I was so happy that Tess, Jazz, and I could participate in Paws for the Cure and help support this cause in some small way.  It was a marvelous event and lots of fun, despite the chilly weather!


  1. Lisa, I'm sending you a BIG are a WONDERFUL lady!!

    1. Right back at ya, Sister! Miss seeing you...hope all has been well. How are the spotted kids doing?