Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jazz RAE!!

Jazz finished her Rally Advanced Excellent title this past weekend at the Westmoreland County Obedience Training Club trial!  RAE is the highest title in Rally classes, and it requires that you qualify in both Excellent B and Advanced B on the same day ten times.  Jazz went all the way from Rally Novice to her RAE without a single non-qualifying score!

Jazz and I really enjoy Rally, and now that we've finished AKC Rally, we're going to move on and compete in APDT Rally.  Jazz has already finished APDT Rally Level 1 and we're looking forward to moving on to Level 2 at our next trial.

Jazz wasn't the only Rally/Obedience success story last weekend.  It was Indy's first AKC trial, and he totally exceeded my expectations!

On Friday, Indy had his first AKC Rally Novice B run, and he qualified with a wonderful score of 98 and earned third place!  On Saturday and Sunday, Indy and I stepped into the Obedience ring together for the very first time in any venue, and the little guy got a first place score of 195 on Saturday and qualified with a 188 on Sunday to earn his first two Beginner Novice B legs!!  By Sunday, he was reminding me that he is still a baby and that three days at a trial in a crate was too much for him.  Although he still had a respectable score, he was more distracted than usual.  He behaves so well that it's easy to forget that he's still very young.

Jazz will be on a training break from obedience while we polish the Open exercises and get ready for competition next spring, but Indy will be back in the ring for Rally and Obedience next weekend.  He's really fun to train and show...and he can only get better with age and a little experience!!!

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