Monday, November 5, 2012

C-ATCH Jazz!!!

It was a big weekend for the Bauer Dals and I'll require a couple of posts to cover all the excitement, but we'll deal with the biggest news first:

Yesterday, in Washingtonville, OH, Jazz earned her CPE Agility Trial Champion (C-ATCH) title!!!  Jazz needed two Standard runs going into this trial and qualified on Saturday and got that last Standard leg she needed yesterday to finish her Championship.

Jazz and Jim are shown above with Judge Jackie Oricko.

Here's Jim and Jazz with her ribbon and the beautiful C-ATCH bar made for her by her biggest fans, Aunt Mariann and Uncle Jim.  Our agility buddies also had two lovely cakes to celebrate Jazz's accomplishment.  We are grateful for everyone's support of our little brown Dal.  Also, a big thank-you to Uncle Jim for taking photos on Jazz's big day.


  1. A huge congratulations to all of the Bauer kids and their excellent trainer/handlers. I am thinking perhaps a room needs to be built on to to house all of the ribbons, trophies and awards. How thrilled I am to have a very small part in seeing that these three lucky dogs have the last name Bauer.

  2. Mariann and I were so proud of Jazz. We had tears of joy running down our faces. Its easy to cheer on such a great "greel". It was also my pleasure to take the ir pictures.