Monday, November 5, 2012

Indy's Weekend

Not wanting to left out of all the hoopla, Indy brought home a few pretty pieces of polyester this weekend from the Splash 'n Dash APDT Rally trial!

Indy started the weekend with his first run in Level 1A with a very nice 204, with first place.  He followed that with a third place 207 and a first place 209 to earn his APDT Rally Level 1 title.  Once again, because his first three scores in Level 1 were above 190, Indy will also receive an Award of Excellence.

We then had a slight meltdown in Level 1B (Indy was totally distracted by his best girlfriend Cocoa, who was next in the ring), but still came away with a nice qualifying score of 196.  Since Indy had done so well, I decided to move him into Level 2A for the last trial of the weekend, which was Indy's first-ever off-lead class in a trial.

Indy had a near-perfect run in Level 2A and scored 207, with second place.  His only point deduction came on a moving down when Indy chose only to down his front end and assume the play bow position, looking at me expectantly and wagging his tail!!  I stared at him hard, trying to will that back end to go down, but I ultimately had to give him a second command to down and we lost 3 points.  He did everything else flawlessly, including a tough bonus exercise, and I was thrilled with his performance.

Wherever we go, Indy makes friends, and this weekend was no exception.  I got many compliments on what a nice working dog Indy is and what a lovely disposition he has.  At just over 13 months, I can't tell you how pleased we've been with Indy's training and his performance in trials thus far.  He is continuing his obedience and agility training and we are looking forward to putting him in the agility ring when he reaches 18 months of age.  

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