Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Pics

Here are a few pictures from our holiday:

 How could Santa not love these three adorable spotty faces?!!

 My great-nephews Logan and Ryan joined us on Christmas Eve.  Jazz wasn't too sure about two active toddlers, Tess was more interested in the Christmas gifts, and Indy thought it was one big p-a-r-t-y to have two little boys to run around with!!

 Here's Tess and Jazz unwrapping one of their gifts.

 Indy play-bowing to Jazz, hoping to get his chance to play with the new warthog toy.

Indy, Jazz, and Tess in the aftermath of their present-opening frenzy.  Tess not only loves to open her gifts, but she likes to make sure the wrapping paper is shredded into tiny pieces.

Hope everyone had a good holiday.  We enjoyed time with family, human and canine.  Each of our dogs is truly a Christmas blessing and we couldn't imagine a better gift!

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