Tuesday, January 15, 2013

APDT Rally Weekend

Jazz and Indy participated in B&D Creekside Activity Center's first APDT Rally trial this past weekend.  We had a wonderful weekend!  Indy and Jazz each had 12 runs and qualified in every one of them.  Both Dals earned their Rally Level 2 titles and will receive Awards of Merit for scores of 190 or above.

Here's is Indy's trademark paw in the air when he sits.  He lifts one paw just about every time he sits, although he alternates which paw he picks up!

Jazz and her wonderful focus and attention.  This dog is amazing!  Out of 12 runs, she had 9 perfect scores of 210, two 209s, and a 207 that was my fault because I repeated a command.  She is such a great working dog.

Jazz going over the jump in Level 2...a piece of cake for her at only 16".

Here's Indy going over that same jump.  Throughout our run on that course, he kept glancing over at the jump, patiently waiting for his turn to fly over it!  Jazz has learned an "easy hup" command where she doesn't build up a lot of momentum going over the jump.  Unfortunately, Indy hasn't mastered that command yet and takes the jumps in Rally with the same gusto as agility jumps!

Look at the legs on this boy!  Indy's got the longest legs of any Dal we've ever owned, and, boy, does he know how to use them!!

Jazz with some nice heeling.  Several people told me how pretty it is to watch her in the ring.  I know she makes me look good!

We had quite a successful weekend at APDT Rally.  It was a lot of fun to compete with Jazz and Indy.  Indy did amazingly well for a 16-month-old.  He had scores ranging from 205 to 209, with a 197 and 199 to remind me that he's still a baby and gets tired and loses focus.  Despite that, he was able to acquire four of the five double qualifying scores in Level 1B and 2B towards his ARCH (APDT Rally Champion), which need to be scores of 190 and above, and has also accumulated more than the required 100 championship points in Levels 1B and 2B.  He just needs one more QQ!!

Jazz also got three of the five double qualifying scores towards her ARCH (Indy has attended one more trial than Jazz, so she's one behind him) and has nearly double the amount of championship points needed for her title.  Points are awarded based on your score, and Jazz quickly amassed the 100 required points with her nine perfect 210 scores.  Way to go, Jazz!  Just two more QQs for Jazz's ARCH!!


  1. Beautiful working dogs, great trainer/handler. Lucky you, lucky them.

  2. WOW... I finally found a few minutes to check out the blog...and how exciting the news is!!!! I am so excited to watch the careers of both of these dogs and, as always, in awe of your dedication to training these sweet spotties!