Monday, April 1, 2013

No Foolin'

 Every year, we celebrate a very special April Fool's prank...Tess' birthday!  Her Uncle Jim likes to say that Tess was born on April Fool's Day and has been fooling the world ever since!  Tess turned 8 today, but we celebrated with a group of our agility friends on Friday evening at B&D Creekside Activity Center.

Here's Tess as she approaches her birthday cake.

Mmmm, yummy peanut butter carrot cake!

Never one to stand on formality, Tess just digs right into that cake!  She did leave some for all her canine friends to enjoy.

In addition to visiting with friends and running agility, Tess also got to play with Blaze.  It was just a blur of black and white!

Here's a blast from the past...a photo of Tess napping when she was just about three months old in late June of 2005.

We're grateful every day for our little April Fool's girl and look forward to many more years together!


  1. Awww, such a sweet girl. Happy birthday Tess!

  2. She is my favorite girl. Thanks Tess for doing pet therapy with me all these years and happy birthday. Any time you want to put Blaze in his place you have my blessing. LOL

    Uncle Jim