Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Pair of ARCHs

This weekend, we were treated to a pair of ARCHs!

No, not the Golden Arches of McDonald's...

...and not this famous arch, either!

On Saturday, both Jazz and Indy earned their APDT Rally Champion (ARCH) titles in Latrobe!

Here's Annette, the judge under whom Jazz earned her title, Jazz, me, Indy, and the judge he earned his title under, Traci.  The Dals got beautiful title ribbons and neck ribbons from the trial host, B&D Creekside Activity Center.

In addition, Indy and Jazz also got their APDT Rally Level 1 Championship (RL1X) titles at this trial, earning the two rainbow-colored ribbons that I'm holding in the photo.

So, it was quite a rally weekend for us!  I'm especially proud of Indy, who earned his ARCH at just over 18 months of age.  Jazz added a few more perfect 210 scores to her record, and Indy earned his first perfect score at this trial.  As icing on the cake, our friend Kameron (Border Collie) also earned his ARCH!


  1. AWESOME!!! As always you make me proud. Congrats to all three of you.

  2. WOW.... That is very exciting! Two beautiful dogs and one very special trainer! These are the moments that a breeder lives for!