Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Beach Photos

We're having another great week at the beach.  Here are some pictures of the Dals at the beach in Frisco this afternoon:

Here's Jazz contemplating how she's going to catch up with one of these birds on the beach.  She's tried several different strategies, to no avail.

Indy entertains himself by finding a seashell and then repeatedly burying it in the sand and then digging it back up.  He's also developed quite a knack for knowing where little crabs are buried and digging them up, too!

Tess enjoys happily romping in the surf.  She was particularly silly today, and it was fun to watch.

I was trying to take a picture of Jazz among these little purple flowers, but the flowers didn't show up too well.  Oh, well...cute pic of Jazz anyway!


  1. Jazz, If you figure out how to catch those birdies, do let me know
    thanks, Schenley

  2. Dear Schenley - I tried all week and never caught a single bird, and I was pretty sneaky! You'll have to find a way to catch those critters when you come to the beach this summer. Best of luck from your pal Jazz.