Friday, May 10, 2013

Our Gang

Here are a few pictures of the group of folks we visit the Outer Banks with every year.

This crew should look, Jazz, Indy, Tess, and Jim!

Here's the whole gang for our annual group photo:  Kim, Bentley, Twist, Scorch, Eric, Ian, Ethan, Jim, Tess, Indy, Jazz, me, George, Bo, Toby, Shaina, Lois, Sammie, Mariann and Jim.

Here's a picture from our favorite place to visit in the Outer Banks:  Uncle Eddie's Ice Cream!!  Our gang always invades Uncle Eddie's at least once during our trip.  This year, we ran into another group of folks from Pittsburgh, as we visited Thursday evening and were all cheering for the Penguins in their playoff game.  Small world!

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