Monday, February 9, 2009

NADAC Agility

We took our first-ever agility road trip to a NADAC trial in Zanesville, OH, this past weekend. Tess had a phenomenal weekend, qualifying in 10 out of 11 runs and earning two NADAC titles! Jazz got quite a bit of attention, too. By the end of the weekend, she practically had her own fan club of people coming to see the "brown" Dalmatian. We had a very fun, relaxing weekend with our agility friends.

Jazz and Tess try out the king-size bed at the Comfort Inn

Jazz and Tess relax at the trial

Me and Jazz

Here are some of our agility friends:



Mia and Sydney


Tess back at home with the ribbons she earned this weekend

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  1. Road Trip - Cool! Your Ribbons are really pretty..
    your pal, Morgan