Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I was with some friends for a pet therapy visit last evening, and one of them commented that he was disappointed that the tale of Tess' Weavers run at the NADAC agility trial didn't make it on the blog, so here goes:

When we were filling out the entry for the trial, my husband didn't want to enter Tess in the Weavers class, because weaves are not Tess' favorite obstacle. She's good for a couple sets of them, but he felt three sets of weaves in one course was pushing Tess' limit. Well, I entered her anyway, figuring no harm, no foul. It was a novice class and there were only six weaves in each set, instead of the twelve weaves found in the upper levels.

The day of the NADAC trial, as Jim was preparing for the Weavers run, he was sure that it was going to be difficult. He even told our friend not to bother videotaping the run, because it wasn't going to be pretty. Well, Tess took that as a personal challenge, and as you can see from the video, she handily did all three sets of weaves, qualified in the run, AND took second place!! We've all been teasing Jim ever since about talkin' trash on Tess and how she proved him wrong. Way to go, Tessie!!


  1. Way to go Tess! I love how our spotties like to prove us handlers wrong. :)

  2. Train your dog (and you did) then trust her to do it!! GO TESS!!!

  3. Way to go TESS!!!! You sure proved him wrong! Hehehe!

    Butt sniffs,
    Solid Gold Dancer