Monday, February 2, 2009

Six Pack!

My sister is taking an online Photo Shop course, and her most recent assignment was to create a "blinkie." In honor of the Steelers' sixth Super Bowl win, I couldn't resist posting this! Thanks, Carol...and congratulations to our Pittsburgh Steelers!!


  1. Welcome to the DWB !
    Its nice to meet you guys !!
    Do link us up alright (:


  2. Hello there Tess & Jazz! It's sooo nice to meet another two famous Dalmatians such as you both! We have another Dallie friend(also on DWB) who is also famous in her own way. She's a FireDog & her name's Sparkles. My Mom thinks you two are beewootiful dogs! Come & meet my Dallie sista, Faith. She's a very shy girl but very dainty & she just recently attained her Malaysian Champion title at a dog show here in mah country.

    Boogie Woogie,
    Solid Gold Dancer