Saturday, June 6, 2009

Jazz's First Agility Run


Here's the video from Jazz's very first official agility run at the NADAC trial in Zanesville, OH, this afternoon. I am soooo proud of my baby girl! She ran beautifully for me, and although she didn't qualify, she did have a clean run and earned first place. Those of you familiar with NADAC agility know that they have probably the tightest course times of any venue. Jazz was just two seconds over time (although she beat Tess' course time on her Touch 'N Go run!) This was the very first time that Jazz has run an agility course outside of our training club, so our goal for the weekend was just to have fun runs as stress-free as possible. As you can see from the video, the more we ran, the more confident and happy Jazz became. It was a lot of fun to finally run Jazz in competition.

We also had a Tunnelers run today, but the trial ran late this evening and we have an early morning tomorrow, so I don't have time to upload the video from that run. Jazz also ran clean, but her silly handler did a rear cross where a front cross would have been a better choice for the dog, so we ate up some time fixing that. Otherwise, it was another great run. Even after my rear cross bobble, Jazz continued to run happy and had a strong, fast finish to the course. I'm looking forward to running Jazz again tomorrow and we'll probably enter a couple classes in the CPE trial later in June, given the fact that Jazz seemed so comfortable at this trial.

Jazz returned from her Touch 'N Go run to the applause and cheers of our agility friends at the trial. Thanks to everyone for their emails, phone calls, and just plain good mojo! It meant a lot that we had so many friends thinking of us on Jazz's first run today. I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful team relationship for me and Jazz in agility. She's an awesome girl!!

Tess also had a great day, earning her Open Jumpers and Novice Tunnelers titles. Look out,'ll soon be sharing the limelight with your little sister Jazz!!


  1. YAY JAZZ!!!!! GO SPOTTED GIRLS!!!! :-)

  2. Yay Jazz & Lisa!! The spotties and I are sooo proud of you guys! :) I loved seeing Jazz bounce around there at the end!!! What a great first run!

  3. Can you say proud? That is what I am of you two young ladies. It brought tears to my eyes to see litle Miss Jazz so happily running that course with her Mom. I know how hard you two have worked to have that much fun. You go girls!

  4. are awesome! Jazz looks like she is having a very nice time out running and playing with Mom! What a lucky dog she is to have you for her partner!!!!

  5. WOW ! You two look like you had so much fun. We are so happy to see Jazz do so good. We only wish we had agility clubs close to us. I am sure that with all his energy, we are sure that Patrick would love to run a course like that.

  6. Way to go JAZZ!!! Congrats to both of you. Lisa, I know how proud you are of both your girls. It looks like she is going to follow in Tess's pawprints!!